About Chrissy

ChrissyHello! My name is Chrissy and I was born and raised in northern Connecticut. I have two beautiful & smart daughters who are embarking on their own college journeys and I couldn’t be more proud.

Straight out of High School, I decided cosmetology was the route for me. After finishing my training, I spent a few years, while doing the Mom thing, working a little in hairdressing. Reality is that I was spending more time with children under 2 and really needed to get out of the house. In an attempt to have conversations with humans over 2, I decided to go back to school. That decision ultimately led me to a ten year career developing web applications at Yale University. I loved working for Yale but after winning a bout with leukemia, I decided I needed “more” from life than working in a “virtual” environment. It was then when I started my journey to teach. I am now a high school technology teacher in a small high school and I love it. Teaching subjects such as Metals, Woods, Graphics, Video Game Design and Web Development satisfies my need for “more” with some to spare.

My pursuit of my Masters of Educational Technology is both a requirement of my profession as well as an area of big interest for me. I have enjoyed progressing through this program and being able to directly apply my knowledge straight to my classroom.



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