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My Classroom Netiquette

The assignment is to create a web page of netiquette rules for your students. One objective is to explore netiquette and how it can be applied to my practice. Another objective is to explore more HTML/CSS.

I ended up keeping mine pretty generic because I teach multiple courses in varied subjects. The process had me scouring the Internet looking to see what other people have done. It didn’t take much research to find the voice I wanted to use and the points I wanted to hit. I imagine I will update this over time as priorities in classroom management change.

The HTML/CSS portion of the project was fun, just like last week. I am still a bit rusty and I don’t have enough man hours to make something spectacular just now but I’ve got some really good pages to begin with and build on. I definitely plan on adding this to my courses next year.

Go ahead and check it out.


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