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Digital Divide & Inequality in New Mexico

View our presentation here.

In this project, our group explored the factors that are responsible for the digital divide and inequality in New Mexico. You can view the Prezi to get the whole scoop on what we learned. What I found most interesting is how different the perspective is in New Mexico than it is in my own state of Connecticut. For example, there are bigger ELL factors to consider in New Mexico than CT. I feel like this point should have been more obvious seeing as the state borders Mexico.. But it wasn’t something that occurred to me. I also did not realize that there was such an issue with families who have access. More than a quarter of New Mexico residents do not have connectivity at home and are forced to rely on public offerings.

This was my first time working with Prezi. I’ve heard of it before and have seen some presentations but never worked in it. I found it fairly intuitive and enjoyed working with the medium. There was some things, like working with the flow, that took me a while to figure out (and I’m not sure I’m 100% there). The best part of this tool is the ability to work collaboratively and concurrently with my other team members.

The knowledge I gained from this digital divide and inequality in New Mexico project will help me as an educator in understanding all the factors that go into being successful with our schools technology plan. During this process, I kept reflecting back to my own classrooms and the small digital divide that happens whenever I use technology in the classroom. My district is a middle-income area with more tendency towards lower incomes than high. The majority of our students have some form of connectivity (phone/ internet) at home and all of them have the skills to use it. This makes delivering technology based projects something that is fairly free of issues. I imagine being a teacher trying to incorporate technology into lessons in New Mexico can be frustrating.

If I had more time, I would spent more time learning Prezi. I found myself doing what I need to do more than playing around and seeing what could be done. Like I mentioned, I’ve seen Prezi presentations before so I know it can do more than what I’ve found. I really enjoy working with visual tools so there is so much that excites me about this tool. I WILL have more time eventually…


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