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Wood Types M-Learning Activity

For this assignment we focused on building responsive sites that will display correct on phones, computers, and everything in between. I feel pretty strongly that any web presence should be responsive. There are a couple of approaches to achieving a web site that works across devices. In my career, I’ve played with many approaches. For this assignment, I opted to try Bootstrap which comes with Dreamweaver. This was my first time working with the codebase and I found it easy to adapt to. The CSS code is a bit bloated due to its ability to handle so many different types of applications. But it’s ok as long as you understand all that your template can do for you.

The content in this assignment is a tool to help students identify types of trees and the characteristics of the wood they are made of. For my Woods 1 course, there is a single wood science unit that is barely memorable in the scope of the year long course. I want to emphasize the tools that one would reach for when identifying a problem. My goal with this page is that it can be a bookmarked tool that students can use to easily find the right information. It is with this intention that I created the Wood Types M-Learning Activity.


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