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Maturity Model Evaluation Summary

After familiarizing myself with what the heck a Technology Maturity Benchmark was, I used this Maturity Model Benchmark rubric to analyze my small school district. I had a difficult time finding technology plan information for my specific school so I chose to expand my research to my school district.

My process for completing this assignment started with learning about technology plans in general. I was able to find my district plan and status updates for it. I read the technology plan and mapped each section to where I felt it landed on the benchmark rubric. Based on my findings, I completed the summaries for each section. You can check out my evaluation summaries here. You can see by the chart below that the district dominated at the Integrated and Intelligent stages.smalltownSchoolDistrictChart

Having worked in the district for a couple of years now, I am familiar with how technology is being used. I was not too surprised to find that overall the district is in the integrated stage of the maturity benchmarks. My district uses technology a lot. We have iPads for classrooms, special apps, online programs, administrative systems, ample computer lab access, and more. With full time employees devoted to the cause, we have little excuse not to. I was surprised at how poorly we did with assessments and then I was surprised that I was surprised. Assessment tools is highly dependent on the teachers choice and many teachers still prefer traditional methods. Progress has been made using tools like Socrative and Kahoot to gamify quizzing for assessment but on a whole, pen and paper is where it’s at.

Overall this assignment was an in-depth look into all the aspects required for a school technology plan. It was interesting looking deeper into my own district and learning more about the community I work in.

Check out my Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet to see where Small-town does well.

Check out my Technology Use Evaluation Summary for Small-town to read summaries for each category.


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