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Educational Technology: A Definition

For this final EDTECH 501 assignment, we are tasked with creating an infographic based on the definition for Educational Technology. I used the course textbook: Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary for the definition and my reflection of the meaning. I enjoyed breaking the definition down into the smallest pieces in an effort to make the definition flow through the graphic.

I opted to use the suggested Piktochart online tool to create my graphic and was looking forward to getting to play around with it. I’ve heard about the tool in the past and seen some neat stuff people have created with it but I just didn’t have a need until now..

Piktochart was easy to use and has a huge library of assets to use. I opted to start from scratch as I really wanted to explore. As a graphic designer who is fluent in complex layout programs, I found the simplicity  of the tool refreshing. I didn’t have to create everything from scratch and the result was pleasing to the eye. Sure, I found some limitations to the tool but my expectation was simplicity and that’s what I got. Overall, the process was enjoyable and fairly pain free. Enjoy…



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