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Introduction Image

For this introductory week of EDTECH 506 Graphic Design for Learning we were tasked with creating an image that represents ourselves using the skills/theories learned. For this assignment, I used an online program called Canva to create this PNG image.


Right from the get-go this image is created with the image size of 1444px squared as 4 is my favorite number. I would have went 4444, but that geeze, that’s huge. My main image is what I would consider my main role, a mother. This family picture was taken on vacation about 5 years ago and is still my favorite. The next couple of images represent my adventurous side. I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. The final image was chosen to represent my educator side. While being a classroom teacher is a fairly new thing for me, my career has always been in education in some way.

As far as design in concerned, I stuck to the basic 4 here (Proximity, Contrast, Alignment, and Repetition). I chose the orange color to compliment the sepia from my main image. I consistently the color throughout the piece to show unity. I paid careful attention to alignment and how each element is situated in relation to the others. The repetition of the heading swoosh is carried throughout. I used a pop of color with the Connecticut badge which adds contrast and makes it stand out (perhaps too much?) The variation of text style in my name/title also adds contrast.

Overall the assignment was fun. I do so love my graphics. Using Canva was interesting. I have used Adobe products and image editors for many many years so I am used to building everything by hand. Canva allowed me to create a quality image using templates and guides. While I definitly felt like I had my “hands tied” at points, the process of creating was very pleasing.


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