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Presentation Guideline using CARP

For this weeks EDTECH 506 assignment, we are tasked with creating an instructional graphic using CARP (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity). Personally, I feel that CARP is a key guideline when doing anything in graphic design. That said, I also feel like much of these concepts can happen unconsciously.

The graphic I choose to create for my Google Slides unit is an infographic on basic guidelines and suggestions for creating a slideshow. The intended use is to be printed in poster format and hung in the classroom.


CARP Justification

Contrast: Contrast is being used with colors in the heading swoosh as well as typefaces. The contrast in this piece is there but minimal. Probably my least favorite part of the image is the lack of contrast in background colors vs foreground colors.. but at the same time this lack of contrast is intentional in an effort to create consistency without drawing attention to any one specific thing.

Alignment: The two main sections of this image show slightly different alignment schemes. All text and images are aligned consistently throughout and negative space is effectively used to lead the eye to the areas I’ve intended.

Repetition: The two main sections of the image show sub-sections with the same format repeated across the image. The slideshow tips use a snapshot format and the presenter tips use a simple center aligned list. Throughout the piece, the images are presented on top of a lighter circle background. This ties all the imagery together. Font typefaces and weights are also consistent to show headings and content text.

Proximity: You can very clearly identify, at a glance, that there are two main sections of the image. You can tell this by the proximity of the sub-sections and how they are laid out in a similar fashion.

What I would do differently

When updating this image for final use, I would try to re-work the ‘snapshot’ section. I feel like there is too much negative spacing here and overall makes the piece feel a little weak in the middle.


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