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Using Color and Space

For this week, I began to really dig into the “meat” of my project by working on a draft for my tutorials. I have re-used elements from past assignments to create consistency throughout the unit. Elements such as the header, font choice, and colors are all part of the overall style. While the content of this image will change and become more involved, the basic “style guide” is developed.

Untitled presentation.png

Color is being used to create consistency with the headings and text. I have found with tutorials that students respond better when the instructions are simple and the verbs are highlighted. This is what I have done with the highlighted words. Every time there is an expected action, the word is bolded and blued. I have also purposely distributed each section paying close attention to the white-space of the page, making sure everything has a place and nothing is crowded.

Reflecting on this image has me wondering if the left/right format of the tutorial is how I really want to proceed. I really like this format as it allows for several steps to be described in a single image. What I wonder is if a more vertical format will allow for screenshots with more information showing. Or perhaps I need to consider a mix of both formats. I will know better as I build it out.


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