Posted in 4.3 Reflection on Practice, AECT Standard 4 (Professional Knowledge and Skills)

Week 12: Final Project

This week in EDTECH 534 I found myself playing catch up from my previously mentioned illness. For my final app, I am creating a tournament app for students to use during my Video Game Design course. Currently, students use specific online games to analyze various game components. The app I created will introduce mobile games into that activity. My app has 4 mini-games that all have some kind of scoring in them. Three of the games are games I have previously built in this class that will only need minor modifications to do as I envision (mostly with scoring). My fourth game is a completely new, created by me, game. I’m quite proud of it. Not going to lie, I spent the WHOLE day today working on it. Time really does fly when you are in a groove. At this point, I have spent more time on this app than I allotted but I’m almost there. Next week I need to focus on perfecting my scoring, applying some kind of ‘end game’ functionality to 2 of the games, inserting sounds here and there, and polishing up my UI (I can NEVER leave the UI alone).


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