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WebQuest: Logos

This WebQuest follows the model developed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March. It is used to explore the design process in developing logos. The quest guides students through gathering information, brainstorming, refining, and delivery.

For the HTML portion of the program, I opted to use a home-grown template. I had issues with some of the other pages I made from pre-made templates. When working with a template, there is a lot of time spent getting familiar with the code and how it works. Sometimes it takes you a while to figure out the template isn’t going to work for what you wanted it for. So to spare myself all that time and energy, I wrote the code myself. I am happy with the results. The site is flexible, has responsive elements, and looks good.

Take a look…

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Tour the SHS Wood Shop

This EDTECH 502 assignment expanded on the HTML/CSS skills learned so far in the course. The main requirement is to be a multi-paged website that uses consistent navigation and styles. I chose to use Bootstrap again, like I did last week with the Wood Types M-Learning Activity. This week though I did run into coding issues with the templates. When working with templates, this is a common problem to come across. I opted early on to make a fresh start which corrected the problem but I still wasted a lot of time troubleshooting. I overcame the coding issues and was able to focus o the virtual field trip around the wood shop. Going in the order the students are introduced to the machinery, the virtual field trip visits most machines in the shop. There is plenty of room for growth down the road when I want to add machines.

Check it out…

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Wood Types M-Learning Activity

For this assignment we focused on building responsive sites that will display correct on phones, computers, and everything in between. I feel pretty strongly that any web presence should be responsive. There are a couple of approaches to achieving a web site that works across devices. In my career, I’ve played with many approaches. For this assignment, I opted to try Bootstrap which comes with Dreamweaver. This was my first time working with the codebase and I found it easy to adapt to. The CSS code is a bit bloated due to its ability to handle so many different types of applications. But it’s ok as long as you understand all that your template can do for you.

The content in this assignment is a tool to help students identify types of trees and the characteristics of the wood they are made of. For my Woods 1 course, there is a single wood science unit that is barely memorable in the scope of the year long course. I want to emphasize the tools that one would reach for when identifying a problem. My goal with this page is that it can be a bookmarked tool that students can use to easily find the right information. It is with this intention that I created the Wood Types M-Learning Activity.

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Concept/ Image Map

Using my Graphic Arts syllabus, I created a concept map that lays out the highlights of the course. I created this image in Photoshop and used Dreamweaver to create the image map. I envision the page being used on day 1 to give students a chance to explore what to expect.

I found this an interesting assignment. Having been in web development for so long, I feel like an image map is so 2002 and haven’t really thought about them since then. What was interesting was applying this very easy technique in creating a valuable learning tool that doesn’t feel like 2002. Go image maps!

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Scavenger Hunt

For this EDTECH 502 assignment, we created an online scavenger hunt for information on copyright and fair use. The concepts of copyright and fair use is huge for teachers as we are always looking for free/cheap stuff. More often than not, we are all guilty of hitting the web for an image to do a quick job. This unit had us exploring what is ok to use, what isn’t, and how to give credit.

I will definitly be using this artifact in my graphics and video game design courses. Currently a lot of what we use falls under the fair use rules but there is also a lot that do not and we do wrong. I appreciate learning about this topic and I believe my students will too.

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Web Accessibility

For this EDTECH502 assignment, we were tasked with researching and creating a web page about web accessibility. This is an area of web development that I am passionate about. While I have compassion and understanding for those with disabilities, my passion is more on the development side. Having worked for years with some of the top web developers in the area, I was frequently surprised at how NON-compliant the code would be. It is often easier and quicker to cut corners and skip accessibility guidelines but in my opinion, that just makes your code sloppy and unprofessional.

The assignment was pretty straightforward. For the HTML portion of the lesson, we worked on links, both external and internal as well as the CSS styling of links. Of course I put just a smidgin extra in and built a CSS nav.. but it was truly just a smidgin.

You can check out my web accessibility page here.

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My Classroom Netiquette

The assignment is to create a web page of netiquette rules for your students. One objective is to explore netiquette and how it can be applied to my practice. Another objective is to explore more HTML/CSS.

I ended up keeping mine pretty generic because I teach multiple courses in varied subjects. The process had me scouring the Internet looking to see what other people have done. It didn’t take much research to find the voice I wanted to use and the points I wanted to hit. I imagine I will update this over time as priorities in classroom management change.

The HTML/CSS portion of the project was fun, just like last week. I am still a bit rusty and I don’t have enough man hours to make something spectacular just now but I’ve got some really good pages to begin with and build on. I definitely plan on adding this to my courses next year.

Go ahead and check it out.